A clinical trial evaluating the AVENTUS System

The AVENTUS System is a thrombectomy device similar to those currently used to treat a pulmonary embolism and is undergoing a clinical trial to study its innovative design and potential advantages in blood clot removal.

Watch a short video about the potential benefits of receiving treatment with the AVENTUS System and participating in this clinical trial.

How it works

Through a safe and effective treatment called a thrombectomy, a doctor uses a flexible catheter to access and remove any blood clots.

The AVENTUS System uses several of the same proven processes and has similar characteristics as other commercial thrombectomy devices but has many advanced features designed to potentially improve the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. 

  • Proprietary design gives your doctor the ability to direct the device to target blood clots and efficiently restore blood flow in your lungs
  • May help your doctor by reducing the length of your procedure

By participating in AVENTUS trial, you have the opportunity to receive treatment with the AVENTUS System. By doing so, you’ll have a dedicated study care team to monitor, confirm, and document your well-being including: 

  • additional follow-up monitoring
  • 48-hour post-procedure evaluation
  • 30-day assessment 
  • full-time access to the study care team to assist with questions or concerns

CAUTION: Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (United States) law to investigational use.